Formula Generator

Formula Generator

Test you LaTeX formula writing skills here! No images are saved on the server so your mistakes won't cruft-up the file system... Type in your Expression here and then press the generate > button:

Font size :   (try normal text as \text{normal text} to see which size is good for you. a size of about 100 gives text about the same as this website. Inline :   use inline \textstyle to render code (best when you want \frac{X}{Y} in to fit the text flow.). PNG :   generate png images instead of gifs (warning: IE6 renders png's horribly).

Click the button... Now either copy the image returned above (right click in your browser to get the context menu etc.) — this is 100% safe as you have the image to do with what you want — or if you don't want the hassle of managing/uploading an image to your website just use the REST URL: (copy and paste the following URL into your <img src="......."/> element of your document). This is less reliable since it requires our server to be up! (see also here where you get to keep your original (carefully crafted) latex.)
Important note: if your latex code starts with \begin{ then you will have to either prefix with an anodyne key such as \quad \, or wrap everything with \begin{equation*} ... \end{equation*} or whatever you require..


The latex system uses the American Mathematical Societies amsmath and amssymb. For a good introduction look here (PDF). If your equation starts with a \begin{ statement then the system assumes that you know what you are doing, otherwise it wraps your code with \begin{equation*} ... \end{equation*} tags. You can get caught out with this: for example to use the \begin{split}...\end{split} you will have to either prefix the LaTeX with an anodyne keyword such as \quad or add your own \begin{equation*}.....\end{equation*} outer wrapper!

To add a box around so part of a formula use \fbox{\Large\thinlines$....$}. The fonts are not the same unfortunately, so it probably better to use the CSS in the surrounding HTML to add borders etc.

The latex system is very verbose - if you hit a error the log file retured (try it!) will provide endless information. I suppose this code was developed when computers were scary important things or it may have been designed on an old Digital VAX VMS. Boy they were verbose!


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